Pakistan’s legendary pacer Shoaib Akhtar, during a local TV show, claimed that he could spare the Pakistan Super League (PSL) from a financial emergency sooner rather than later in the wake of expressing that the occasion won’t occur for an additional year and a half.

The Rawalpindi Express claimed that numerous franchise were looking to sell their brands and he would gladly provide financial along with non-monetary support to keep the PSL flourishing and alive.

“I know some people wouldn’t like to hear this but some owners are looking to sell their franchisees. I would be more than happy to provide financial and non-monetary support to keep the PSL alive and to thrive,” Akhtar said.

The Pakistan Cricket Board needed to suspend the fifth release of the PSL in March this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic with the last phase of the occasion remaining.

“The thing is if there is no proper cricket until say September, how can the PSL be held in four months? I don’t think the board can ask for money from the franchisees in this situation. As far as I know some franchises are already ready to sell their brand. They have offers,” ShoibAkhtar claimed.

The former fast bowler claimed that he won’t permit the PSL to bite the dust and he will come forward with financial and other support to help save the T20 league.

Shoib Akhtar also didn’t agree with proposals that the Indian cricket board (BCCI) was working in the background to get the World T20 Cup in Australia deferred and rather hold the Indian Premier League in its window in October-November.

“I don’t think the ICC, Cricket Australia or BCCI can do anything about it. This decision will come from the Australian government. The policies of the Australian government will decide when the World T20 is held.And I know for the Australian government the health of their people is first without paying heed to other forces”, he added.

“You can’t deal with a World Cup, especially without crowds, during these conditions. There are a great deal of elements included, for example, hoteling, voyaging, room administration thus numerous different things through which you can get the infection,” he finished up.

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