Brett Lee appraised Steve Smith above Virat Kohli on account of what the previous has experienced in his profession saying he can be as good as Don Bradman was.

Calling both Smith and Kohli ‘genuine batsmen’,Brit Lee said it was difficult to consider flaws in their batting and means to excuse them.

“Look, it is so hard to pick, there are so many qualities in both that I enjoy, from the bowling of point I am trying to look are there any flaws in both batsmen, both of these batsmen are genuine,”he said in an Instagram live meeting with previous Zimbabwe pacer Pommie Mbangwa.

“Kohli is technically sound, he hits through the V, he used to knick off earlier in his career, but it is hard to do that now, he is a great leader of his side, I think he would love to win the IPL.” he further added.

While Virat Kohli is in fact right, Smith is known for his restless nature and unorthodox shots. Lee said Smith’s rebound from tough situations – he was suspended for a year after the ball-tempering adventure in 2018 – made him rate Steve Smith above Virat Kohli. Smith returned from the boycott and helped Australia win the Ashes urn in England, scoring 774 runs from four matches.

“Steve Smith has been through a lot in the last couple of years, he has seen a rise with the way he played in the last 12 months, he is so fidgety, sometimes you are like just relax mate,”Brit Lee further said.

Lee said that, “At the moment I would choose Smith over Kohli because of what he has been through and what he has to overcome, they are two great players, I think Smith can be as good as Don Bradman, there have been talks of him becoming just like Bradman looking at the numbers.”

Smith is on the top of ICC Test rankings for batsmen with 911 points while Kohli is second with 886 points.But Virat Kohli leads the ODI charts while Steve Smith is in the 21st position.

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